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la Ligne d’ombre, numéro 1, janvier 2006


About us...



The Gérald Hervé Society was created in 1999, one year after his tragic death in Paradise Island (Nassau, The Bahamas). He was killed by a powerful motorboat on the 28th of May, 1998, in circumstances which remain unclear.

Its name since 2003 is Société des amis de Gérald Hervé. Its aims are to disseminate information about his life and work, and to play a part in representing the values he defended throughout his life.

In 2003-2004, the French publisher Michel Bourdain, located in Belgium, published six volumes of previously unpublished work by Hervé. A first title, Le Carnet de mémoire et d’oubli. La France 1990, a diary, is now also available in the USA through the Web bookshop «Les lettres de France» (

The Society’s review, la Ligne d’ombre, is open to anyone who wants to participate in our work. The title obviously refers to Joseph Conrad’s masterpiece, The Shadow Line. A life-long reader of his work, Gérald Hervé is the author of a kind of conradian novel, Les Feux d’Orion (1991). Our choice of title is also a way of highlighting his interest in Anglo-Saxon culture from the time of his youth, when he wrote poems in English during the WWII (to be published in the present review), as well as further reading of the main English and American writers, before and after the professional training cruise to America as a Navy Administrator in 1954. The action of his first literary text, a short novel entitled Le Jeune Homme et le soleil ou Les Hérésies imaginaires, takes place in California.